OGT adorns lives through innovation by developing products and services that not only generate value for our stakeholders now but also make a vibrant realm possible for future generations.

OGT sustainable development embodies our commitment to creating value for our business stakeholders and employees, as well as the community and environment we operate. Sustainability is a business concern that creates long-span consumer and employee value by creating a strategy aimed at the natural surroundings, and it requires the corporation to seek societal goals, specifically those relating to sustainable growth - environmental stability, social equity and economic development. For us, our sustainability ethos helps us become a better corporate every day. As a loyal corporate subject, we aim to improve lives through our wide-ranging initiatives.

  • OGT has undertaken mandate in bringing best practices from conserving, reusing and recycling in addition to healthy lifestyle practice using e-mobility. E-mobility is implemented by new creative ideas related to sustainability- innovative product including Lampuga and many others.
  • Conduct conferences and exhibitions about e-mobility.
  • OGT projects and operations have the potential to benefit local communities by creating jobs, supporting development initiatives.
  • Nourish tomorrow's leaders by fostering education and academic institutions in the UAE
  • Serve and develop society by addressing changes in environmental and social fronts by conducting events like My Green Life and Voice of Business.
  • Through OGT Sustainability initiatives, we formulate strategies to build a company that fosters longevity through transparency and proper employee development.