With best industry practices at the regional and international level, OGT delivers advanced, sophisticated projects on public, private, commercial and individual levels.

Our projects development extends from eco-friendly concepts to technological advancements which are complex in nature.
The project activities OGT practice:

  • Concept Definition
  • Market Overview on Business
  • Market Profiling & Screening of Opportunities
  • Brief Risk Analysis
  • Potential Business Concept
  • Proposed Operational Model
  • Proposed Strategy
  • Executive Model
    • Organizational Structure and growth plan
    • Location Setup (Layout)
    • Financials
  • Recommendations
  • Project Time plan & next steps
  • Financial Analysis
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Development of Technology Solutions
  • Evaluation of Project Risks
  • Evaluation of Financial Attractiveness.
  • Conclusions and Final Recommendations

Management and facilitation of several aspects including:-

  • Managerial, time-plan, JD, recruitment, duties & tasks, progress monitoring, etc..
  • Organizational Development, Launch customers, JV,,
  • Technical, equipment, site preparation,
  • Commercial, deal structure,
  • Legal, licensing, registrations,,
  • PR, media, print matters,,
  • Operation Management,
  • process development
  • working structure
  • Book keeping
  • Commercial operations,
  • Day-to-day management and operation of business assets.
  • Sales and marketing
  • Project management