OGT significantly increases its processing export and deliveries of Barite Ore in the end of 2018 recording 100,000 MT in 45 days

OGT successfully diversifies and multisource its reserves on requirements for Barite Ore and Barite Powders by joining hands with Industry Leaders and have effectively shipped more than 100,000 MT to UAE from December 2018 to January 2019.

04 February 2019, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: OGT have joined hands with the International Industry Champions in the field of Barite and have executed approximately 105,000 MT Barite in the month of December 2018 to January 2019 in 45 days through 4 bulk vessels to Port Mina Zayed, Abu Dhabi. Every vessel carried a minimum 30 thousand metric tons of material. The Barite industry experts from different Mining countries signed contract with OGT and finalized delivery schedule during the last quarter of 2018 and now which has been successfully executed and will be continued.

All these companies with whom OGT have joined hands are involved in the mining, processing and are international exporters of specialized commodities used for the drilling fields. OGT in UAE itself have completed their entire deliveries of the LTPA from National Oil Company where all the call off orders was successfully completed. OGT also have stocked a good number of Barite for any immediate requirements.

OGT is on its tenure on developing long-term business, cultivated through strong, transparent relationships built on quality, trust and reliability. OGT have developed a global network of strategic partners by bringing together continuous and consistent high quality and best value for money for all the stake holders. This step has been recognized by top officials of GCC National Oil Companies appreciating the safeguarding of specialized commodities utilized in Oil drilling fields.

To bring together the business leaders under a common project, capable and qualified proven suppliers from multiple countries, their representatives from the same industry with a vested interest in helping build the partnerships are necessary to develop high budget operations and other workforce services. They then will spearhead the development of cost-effective training solutions that respond to current and projected workforce shortages and gaps. These Industry champions are supported by their peers and have the passion, time, and ability to help establish partnerships, execute the new projects and develop workforce services. Being a National Company OGT believe in meeting any Barite requirement of National Clients to show the In country dedication and sincerity and by collaborating with the internationally industry leaders and manufacturers which allowed the Company in developing the required stock and completing the call off orders.



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“Where Dynamic Industrial Collaboration brings best value for money”.

OGT is an important part of the Minerals portfolio adopts a unique concept, with a strong focus on sustainability to meet the future needs of the national economy, by incubating knowledge in developing human capital concentrating on Oil & Gas Field Supply and Services. For safeguarding specialty chemicals and minerals are indispensable for this industry, OGT works around the clock regionally and globally identifying greatest value for money opportunities that suit the local requirement in GCC. We emphasize on sustainable development, which is an initiative by the Special Interest Group (SIG); OGT had made a bench mark in the Drilling Mud Chemical division with noticeable track records. We have our Head Quarters in Abu Dhabi and our International Relations Head Quarters is in Dubai. Our corporate offices are in India, Pakistan, China, Morocco, and Turkey. Oil & Gas to name a few. In addition, OGT offers dynamic solutions out of the box for vital industries in the global market with collaboration with its international strategic partners.


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